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Housing Problem Solvers Company


Welcome Housing Authorities

Housing Problem Solvers Company is eager to work with Housing Authorities across the nation. We offer full-service housing locator services. We can locate properties that will accept your housing voucher clients. We can market your housing authority to properties via local campaigns. Please speak to our representative for details.

Housing Locator Service

We offer a housing locator service. We find our clients local or nationwide. Our clients pick the area they want to live. We find the properties and work with our clients until they find housing.

Property Recruiting Services

We can find properties that  you can add to your housing referral database. We will work to ensure your database has properties that will accept your clients.

Marketing and Advertising

We can advertise your housing authority's housing needs via various marketing tools.

What our customers are saying

The service was excellent! I always recommend and use Housing Problem Solvers Company services!!

Linda Singleton -Fulton County, Georgia  Voucher Holder

What our customers are saying

Housing Problem Solvers Company helped me find housing during Covid 19.

Cynthia Thorsen -Fulton County, Georgia  Voucher Holder

Service Prices

Our Programs are designed to provide a complete program for your housing authority and you. We will locate housing for your voucher holders, 

Housing Voucher Clients 
Direct Payment


Locator Service Fee

15  Housing Referrals

Full Contract

Housing Education Counseling

Housing Authority/Client 
50/50 Program


Locator Service Fee

15  Housing Referral

Full Contract

Housing Education Counseling

Housing Authorities Pays Service 


Locator Service Fee

15 Housing Referrals

Full Contract

Credit Counseling 

Membership is required for this package. Price based on volume. See membership chart for pricing.

Service Prices

Compare our property marketing service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Marketing Program


Per Month

Package One

Recruit Small Property Investors

Local Advertisement 

Internet Advertisement

Monthly Marketing Program


Per Month

Package Two

Recruit Small and Medium Property Management Companies

Voucher Holder Housing Locator Service 

Voucher Holder pay

   50/50 program included

Monthly Marketing Program


Package Three

All Properties Recruiting 

Local Advertisment

Internet  Advertisement

Television Advertisement

50/50 Program Included

Contact Us


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The programs listed on this page are for Housing Authorities and housing voucher holders. Please contact Housing Problem Solvers Company directly for enrollment and questions. Please call us 800-915-2683

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